There are many knowledgeable people at HGSE and in order to make the most of your conversations, it is important to ask the right questions to the right person. Here are some key people/offices and how they might help you.

Academic Advisors: You will be assigned an academic advisor who may lend an objective perspective and offer insights on your overall plan and goals. Your academic advisor will approve your courses. In general, time with your academic advisor should not be focused on questions related to procedures and policies. Please direct those questions to your program administrator or the relevant office.

Admissions Office: For Ed.M. students considering applying to HGSE’s Ed.L.D. program or the Ph.D. in Education program (jointly offered by GSAS and HGSE), the HGSE Admissions Office staff can be very helpful advisors on whether and how to apply. The office will host a session just for current students interested in applying to these programs in October. In addition, the Admissions Office offers a multitude of other events & opportunities (on-campus and virtual) for information gathering that you are encouraged to take advantage of if you are considering graduate study at HGSE beyond your Ed.M. degree.

Career Services OfficeCareer Services staff are available to offer a wide range of advice on course planning, career paths, and internships. They have office hours and can help you think about how your courses might match with skills, knowledge, and expertise needed for the job market.

Office for Master's Studies: The Associate Dean and the Assistant Director for Master's Studies work closely with the program administrators to ensure that your academic needs are met and that any programmatic concerns are addressed.

Faculty and Program Directors: All faculty have office hours and are happy to meet with students, especially the faculty director of your program. Please think of all HGSE faculty as informal advisors to all students.


Financial Aid Office: If you have questions about managing the financial side of graduate school and beyond, financial aid staff are available to address your concerns. There are several resources available on topics including budgeting, loan repayment calculations, and much more. You should especially reach out to the office should you encounter an unexpected situation resulting in a financial liability.

Gutman Library: HGSE librarians are excellent consultants on paper topics, using the most appropriate research tools, how to use proper citation, and navigating the vast Harvard Library system.

Office of the Registrar: The primary mission of the Office of the Registrar is to support the academic progress of students by ensuring the accuracy of all student records, as well as the integrity of the HGSE degree. Office staff are here to assist you in matters of registration, course enrollment, cross-registration and transcript production.

Program Administrators: Your program administrator is dedicated to supporting all members of your cohort and to helping you reach your academic and personal goals. Your program administrator should be considered your first point of contact if you are unsure about the appropriate office to direct your specific questions or concerns.

Student Affairs Office:The Office of Student Affairs is at the center of student life at HGSE. OSA staff can help you start a student organization, plan an event, and assist you if you need extra support or encounter an unexpected crisis.They will also facilitate any academic accommodations you may need.